Creating Jasper

Find out how Jasper and his friends came to be!

Jasper’s Story

Nobody knows more about mules than Meredith Hodges. So when I needed help, I wrote to her. She liked my letter and shared it with a whole…
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Meredith Hodges (Author)

As a young girl, Meredith was crazy about anything to do with horses. When she grew up, she got to work with….
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Bonnie Shields (Illustrator)

There wasn’t a time when Bonnie Shields wasn’t trying to draw something, but she claims her career started at….
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The Making of Jasper

The Making of Jasper the Mule

Ever wondered how animation is made? Go behind the scenes in four short films and find out! You’ll see how Jasper’s world is created in miniature first, how the artists get inspiration to animate the characters, how important music is and how all those crazy sound effects are made.

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