Learn About Longears!

Longears is a term used for donkeys and mules. They’re called that because their ears are longer than a horse’s ears. But what are some other differences? Click through the questions to learn more. Go ahead. Give us your best guess! Then click below each picture to see if you’re right.

What is a mule?

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A mule is half horse and half donkey. Its mother is a horse and its father is a donkey.

How are mules and donkeys different from horses?

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Horses have small ears and mules and donkeys have long ears—that’s why we call them “Longears!” Also, when a horse is scared, it will run away. When a donkey is scared, it will stand and fight or “freeze.” Because a mule is part horse and part donkey, it can do both of these things!

How can you tell the difference between a mule and a donkey?

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The donkey’s tail looks like a broomstick with short hair down the tail with a swatch of long hair at the bottom. The mule’s tail looks like a horse’s tail only not as thick.

What can a donkey do?

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Donkeys are also very smart, strong and sure-footed. For a long time, donkeys were used only for work, but today, donkeys get to do lots of fun things like packing, driving, trail riding—and even barrel racing and pole bending!

Are mules and donkeys stubborn?

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When you treat mules and donkeys with patience, kindness, understanding and respect, they’ll usually do what you want. But if you’re mean or try to force them into a situation they think is dangerous, they can get just as “stubborn” as you would.

Will mules and donkeys kick or bite?

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If they are surprised or agitated, they might kick or bite, the same as a horse would. If you learn good horsemanship manners and learn how to be around them safely, mules and donkeys can be very dependable and trustworthy friends.

What sizes are mules and donkeys?

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Mules and donkeys come in lots of different sizes, from a tiny “Miniature” all the way up to a giant "Draft" or “Mammoth,” and everything in between! For example, donkeys come in these sizes: * Miniature (36″ or less) * Small Standard (36.01″– 40″) * Standard (40.01-48″) * Large Standard (jennets 48″-54″, jacks 48″-56″) * Mammoth (jennets 54″ & over, jacks 56″ & over)

Are there mule and donkey clubs?

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Yes! There are many mule and donkey clubs that offer lots of fun things to do, like shows and other events to attend, even if you’re a beginner! Go to luckythreeranch.com to find an event or club near you!

To learn even more about mules & donkeys (horses, too!), go to luckythreeranch.com!