Creating Jasper the Mule - Bonnie Shields

Meet Jasper Illustrator Bonnie Shields

CreatingThere wasn’t a time when Bonnie Shields wasn’t trying to draw something. But, she claims her career started at the age of four when she drew a stick figure in black and green crayon on her grandma’s kitchen wall. Although it may have gotten her in trouble, it was at that moment that she realized she had to be a real artist.

Bonnie loved horses and got her first one when she was 14 years old. When she moved to Tennessee, she met lots of mules and grew to love them. She combined her love of Longears and her gift for drawing to create lots of great artwork, from the Jasper the Mule to paintings to life-size sculptures. Bonnie is an award-winning artist, charter member of Cowboy Cartoonists International and happy to be a “Mule Maniac!”