Jasper: A Fabulous Fourth

It’s the Fourth of July and a big celebration is brewing at Happy Valley Ranch, but Jasper the Mule is puzzled. “How can a country have a birthday?” he asks. With the help of Moxie the Dog and the rest of his friends, Jasper learns how our country’s forefathers worked hard to build America into the great land it is today. Being a true mule, Jasper is feeling pretty independent himself! So with Moxie in tow, he decides to take a trip up to his human family’s house, where a Fourth of July barbecue and pool party is in full swing.

Jasper becomes the ultimate “party crasher,” as he quickly finds out that mules and pools don’t mix and that freedom comes with responsibilities. A day full of hijinks, laughter and great music by Grammy®-winning Western band, Riders in the Sky, turns into a wonder-filled night, as the sky comes alive with fireworks and Jasper and his friends celebrate the beauty and the splendor of our country’s birth.

Includes special feature: “The Making of Jasper: Foley” – learn how sound makes the Jasper cartoons come alive!

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